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The Star Theater, previously called Princess Theater and many other names, is a historical former silent movie theater on Portland’s Oregon Coast. It was established in 1923 and was designed by renowned designer Frank Lloyd Wright. The original address was 9 Northwest Sixth Avenue, although since changed to 13 Northwest Sixth Avenue in the present day. The old address stood until 1983, when the building was torn down to make room for what is now known as the Roseridge Plaza on the other side of the theater complex.

The structure of the old theater has been preserved to the smallest detail, including the plush velvet ropes that are the original characteristic of the interior and the original marquee which are the front face of the front door. Many of the original features of the theater are intact, including the original slide carousel left and right, the original large screen and the original hand-carved wood paneling for the bathrooms and the balcony. All of the original features of the Portland State University Alumni House are featured in the Roseridge Plaza.

The Roseridge Plaza serves as the home of the famous Burlesque Theater. The theater has been featured in many films and has won multiple awards, including five Academy Awards and won Best Picture Oscar. To the casual observer, it might appear that the only time the theater has been used is for burlesque shows. The truth is that the original structure was built to be a functioning theater with multiple venues. The architects of the Portland State University Alumni Association knew there would need to be a place for a large screen and decided on a single location that could house both the theater and a cafeteria.

The name of the theater is a tribute to burlesque performers who used to grace the stage with their extravagant costumes and wigs. In fact, burlesque is an Americanized term that describes the act of strip tease and adult entertainment. Burlesque has been running for more than one hundred years and was formed by a French clown named Prosper de Clandestier. The first Oregon theater company was started in Portland in 1911 as a small food and drink concession stand on the corner of SE Main and MLK.

The Portland State University Alumni Association is responsible for preserving the historical nature of the former theater buildings. They maintain a website which contains a gallery with photos and a biography of some of the well-known figures who graced the stage during their student days. The history of the theater is preserved in an audio-visual system known as the Video Wall. The Video Wall allows the audience members to view old movies and old musical plays – even the very ones that had been staged decades ago!

The Alumni House is responsible for preserving the legacy of the original burlesque theater and also for starting the careers of many current actors and actresses in the field of film and theater. Film festivals and conventions – like the Emerald City Film Festival – are holding yearly to celebrate the city’s rich history as a Portland and Oregon city. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is also held annually in the beautiful state park. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also located in Portland. The Portland Film School is an offshoot of the school founded by Meriwether Lewis Clark, the famous author and creator of the Lewis Carroll stories.

Movie buffs can go see the famous faces from the silver screen in the movie theaters of Portland. A popular choice for travelers is the Washington County Playhouse, which shows all types of classic movies. The Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios theme parks are also other great ways to enjoy the amusement parks and the films. There are also free video rentals for DVD at the multiplex, which serves as the main hub of the movie culture in Oregon.

When the stars roll in to town, the movie buff will need a good guide to help them locate the right theatre experience that will thrill and please their palates. There are many online sites that can help visitors to pick out a venue for the perfect night in the town. They also offer information on the shows, ticket prices and even offer helpful advice about shopping in the area. Local travel agents are also good resources to find the best deals on airfare, accommodation and car rentals within the area. Whether one wants to see the Oregon coast, the Cascades or fly to the islands, Portland has something for everyone.

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