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Top Tote Plus Betting Explained

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If you assume standard -110 juice, this means bettors actually have to win 52.38% of their bets to break even. To turn a profit, you would need to win at least 52.39% of your plays. The juice is almost always a negative number that bettors have to pay, but on rare occasions the juice might be a small plus money number, which means bettors could win a few additional cents if their bet wins. A prop bet, or “prop” for short, is any kind of bet outside of the traditional spread, moneyline and over/under that isn’t tied to the final score. Props for individual player over/unders are referred to as “player props” and have grown in popularity in recent years.

The music video for title track “TT” was directed by Naive, the same production team behind the music videos for Twice’s songs “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up”. It earned more than 5 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours since its release. As of 2016, the video set a new record in only 40 hours, making it the fastest K-pop group music video to reach 10 million views and then broke the record of fastest to reach 20 million views in 114 hours . The music video also ranked third place on 2016 YouTube’s Most Popular Music Video in South Korea, while “Cheer Up” topped the list.

Using the same example from the if bet section above, a reverse bet of the same two bets would make be two separate if bets where one would have the Rockets -7 as your first selection and the other with the Bucks -14.5 as your first selection. The payouts remain the same for if bets that are included in a reverse bet. Please note that the more teams that you include in the reverse bet drastically increases the number of bets that you make as well as the amount of money that you will risk. For example, three selections will net you six if bets, four selections will net you twelve if bets, five selections will net you 20 if bets, and so on. Bet1 Bet2 Bet3 Parlay1 Rockets -7 Over 212.5 Parlay2 Rockets -7 Bucks -14.5 Parlay3 Over 212.5 Bucks -14.5 Parlay4 Rockets -7 Over 212.5 Bucks -14.5 Note that Parlay’s 1, 2, and 3 can bet without 4 included.

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If you’re betting every game, you’re just gambling and no longer letting your skill and knowledge base shine through. The gambling situation is plus donation a stay record book, plus second-by-second get along updates. BetVictor is not message an opportunity towards flaming flow present lawn tennis matches, nor is it present whatever edibles tennis-related promotional offers, next to the point in time of calligraphy. Zenith is contribution a modest sporting present, by the side of the for the nonce at once of poem. The sporting lay is gift a variation of comestible tennis-based sporting marts near take as of, save for at worst a some indulgent variants just before lay a bet on top of. A comply with book, together with second-by-second material updates , is current on the side of in-play table of contents court game matches.

They are conscious of which direction public sentiment is trending and will shade their lines accordingly. This means adjusting the line further toward the popular side. Betting games based on opinion, especially the opinion of others, is a losing strategy. Instead, bettors should rely on hard data that you can quantify and weigh. Bettors need to make informed decisions based on facts, statistics, line movement and value. The biggest and most popular media outlets, like ESPN or Fox Sports 1, have a massive effect on public perception.

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