Visual and performing arts

Okay arts contain painting.

The visual arts are artistic forms including painting, drawing, fine arts, film, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass, film developing, computer arts and design. Most artistic disciplines including performing arts, creative writing, literature and theater also incorporate aspects of visual arts into their themes. Visual arts include motion pictures, television, movies, computer generated images, computer software, television and photographs. The visual arts have a major influence on the visual culture of our society. They have had a profound effect on the way we see the world and how we express ourselves.

The Impressionist movement in France created a new form of art called Impressionism. This group of artists focused on using their own visual skills to create works of art instead of using conventional tools such as brush and canvas. These artists used their own intuition and imagination to create unique and expressive works of art. Art historians are still divided about the importance of the Impressionists. Some believe they were important precursors to the modern art movement while others feel that the artists of the later periods just borrowed from the Impressionists for their own purposes.

Abstract Expressionism-also known as abstract expressionism-is an artistic style, which focuses on using a large number of visual forms to make a specific statement. Some popular forms of abstract art include Dadaism, Fauvism, and Cubism. The Surrealists also contribute to the creation of abstract art. Their works deal more with the subject matter of what is seen rather than the appearance of it. Some of the most famous works by these artists include The Yellow Wall Paintings and The Artist’s Way.

Printmaking-also known as lithography-is one of the three main art forms in printmaking. This involves creating digital copies of original drawings and paintings through the use of specialized equipment. The processes of calendaring and lamination involve binding and stretching the paper to create the final image. Litho pressing is a common practice in printmaking. It involves making a smooth, thick copy of a particular shape or design through the application of heat.

Motion Pictures and Visual Arts-these are the other two major forms in what is visual arts. Motion pictures and the motion picture industry trace their roots back to the Romanticist periods of the 1800s. Movie making initially involved rough sketches and paintings. Today, with the use of special computer software, filmmakers can create highly complex movies using sophisticated lighting, backgrounds, and special effects.

Sculpture and Porcelain-sculpture and porcelain are what is visual arts refer to as brickwork. Brickwork is a type of handmade art that employs bricks or stones to create an image on the surface of a certain material. For example, a marble statue can be made into a wall mural by using the marble pieces on the face of the structure as a canvas for the paint. Two of the most popular sculptural techniques are the modern and abstract expressionism. Abstract expressionism refers to a style of painting where the focus is on the visual elements and the artist does not try to make anything meaningful looking.

Drawing-also referred to as sketching or drawing-is what is visual arts refer to as the creation of the picture in the form of a three dimensional work of art. In sketching, an artist draws on a piece of material and shapes it into the shape that he/she wants to produce. A good example of this is a child drawing. Most children will start out with simple hand drawings, but as they grow older, they will learn to add color to their drawings. In order to master drawing, a person needs to have a strong foundation in the fine arts such as drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Ceramics are what is visual arts refer to as highly-colored forms of fired clay. The clay used to make these colorful mugs, pottery items, bowls, dishes, figurines, and tiles are fired at high temperatures to make them glow in the dark. The earliest ceramic pieces were created thousands of years ago during the ancient Mesolithic period. Ceramics play an important role in the creation of works of art because they are able to record the colors of light, absorb sounds, and reflect them back into a medium, creating the illusion of moving images.

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